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Fast Facts

  • 35 applications received and reviewed totaling $60,000
  • 16 grants awarded totaling $24,892.52
  • 14 schools
  • 39 educators
  • 2,416 students directly impacted

Grant Recipients

Using Probes to Analyze the Schoolyard Environmental Quality

Amy Rowe Six graders conduct environmental science investigations using Vernier probes and software. Hamlin Middle School, $1,000.

Using iPads to Increase Communication Skills

Amy LeRoy, Lori Hornfelt, Sara Starlin Speech pathologists provide enhanced instruction to improve student speech, comprehension and academics. Yolanda, Maple and Mt. Vernon Elementary Schools, $1,992.

iPods for Education

Amity Cleary-Evans Student improving their English and students learning Spanish practice speaking, listening and communication skills with innovative curriculum utilizing iPods Agnes Stewart Middle School, $1,000.

Rejuvenate Rhythm Instruments and Recorders

Andria Martin Tambourines, bells, triangles and recorders teach music fundamentals. Moffitt Elementary School, $807.

Elementary Robotics & Engineering

Jim Crist, Patti Ferry, Carrie Langer, Julie Moore, Kari Thorsby, Mary Stein Integrated science, math, technology and engineering project for first and second graders using Lego/WeDo Robotics Construction sets. Ridgeview Elementary School, $2,278.

iTouch iRead

Cheryl Dixon, Amy Bernatz, Brent Sasser Utilizes iPod touches and microphones to increase reading, vocabulary, comprehension and basic math fact fluency for second graders. Moffitt Elementary School, $3,000.

Bringing Science into Focus

Charles Jett, Bobbi Dano, Michelle Olsen Innovative project uses document cameras and microscope adaptors to illustrate concepts and images in 7th grade life science classrooms. Briggs Middle School, $1,618.

Positive Behavior Videos

Donna Ellickson Student use iPod touches and digital video equipment to create and produce their own videos demonstrating appropriate student behavior. Douglas Gardens Elementary School, $967.

Pilot iPad Program to Improve Student Behavior

Calli Dean, Tom Lindly, Brian Megert Program increases time with and information between students, educators and parents with the use of IPads to improve student behavior and academic success. Thurston Elementary School, $1,717.

Community College Health Science Experience

Bobbi Dano, Charles Jett, Jean VanMoorelehem This grant takes 7th grade students to Lane Community College to conduct a health science lab in a college lab at LCC’s new health sciences building. Campus tour included. Briggs Middle School, $1,440.

Using Skype to Set Positive Career Goals

Thomas Keeler Science and math students utilize Skype and videoconferencing to connect with career professionals. Hamlin Middle School, $990. iPad Math Project Jeremy Hugo Increase students’ interest in math and improve their math performance using iPads and applications in the school’s new Math Technology Center. Centennial Elementary School, $999.

Bicycle Repair

Ian Jungjohann, James March Creation of a bike repair shop for students with emotional and behavioral disorders to develop technical vocational skills and creative projects which also supports alternative transportation for the school. Springfield High School, $968.


Jim Crist, Karen Blachly, Rebecca Crowder, Lynn Lary, Shari Frutwangler, Julie Collins iPads and software to enhance special education services for students with autism and speech language disabilities to enhance their achievement, independence and communication Ridgeview Elementary School, $2,752.

Classroom Amplification Systems

Sarah Lewenberg, Debra Pennicott, Ellen Lienbach Installation of four classroom systems to improve classroom acoustics so that all students can learn to their potential Guy Lee Elementary School, $2,356.

Student Choice Music

Matthew Woodford Innovative music program incorporates band and orchestra students’ decision and purchase of new, exciting up-to-date music. Thurston Middle School, $1,000.
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