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Night of 11,000 Stars | Thursday, October 22nd at 6pm

Students in Springfield Public Schools are daily striving to learn and prepare themselves for their bright futures. Their success requires a solid education and the right resources. Every year and at each academic stage, Springfield Public Schools meet student needs with the help and support of the community through Springfield Education Foundation. Funding public education requires a community effort. SEF grant recipient Alicia Chamness at Brigg’s Middle School shared, β€œMy students are learning and growing in new ways because of this program. It’s incredible to know that someone out there gave to the [Springfield Education] foundation to make this happen and support the dreams I have for my students.”  

The Springfield Education Foundation is able to provide a wide variety of new learning opportunities for students at every grade level in the Springfield School District through grants, events, awards and more. With generous community support, students are getting excited about learning and teachers are implementing brilliant methods to improve their success. 

On October 22nd, 2020, we invite you to join us at our largest annual fundraiser, held virtually for the first time! Sponsorship of this event is a great way for your business to make a social impact: To help our students learn, teachers innovate, and our community unite around them. Your generosity could lead to the next story! 

Submit your registration by October 1st. 
Click here to learn more about SEF’s biggest fundraising event.

Our last event was a grand success, take a look!