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SEF Funding Application Writing Tips

This workshop is intended to prepare educators to submit grant applications for all three grant programs:

  1. Innovative Educator Grant Awards
  2. Social Emotional Learning Fund Grants
  3. Frank Sherman Grants

Seasoned and novice writers are encouraged to view the presentation. The contents of this workshop are written below.

SEF Funding Application Writing Workshop

About Springfield Education Foundation


To empower student success through community engagement.


To see the exceptional become the expected – in the ways students learn, teachers innovate, and our community unites around them.


Two full-time employees:
Christina San Filippo, Executive Director
Ashley Mahlum, Program Coordinator

Board & Volunteers

SEF has a working, volunteer Board of Directors comprised of 15-20 dedicated community members, including SPS staff and local business leaders. Volunteers are always welcome to help further our mission!

Innovative Educator Grant Awards: Funding Innovation!

Encourage, facilitate, recognize, and reward innovative and creative teaching to empower student success.


  • Empower students through the enrichment or enhancement of current programs
  • Provide new learning opportunities to keep students engaged
  • Encourage positive behavior
  • Increase a sense of belonging at school
  • Reach underserved populations
  • Promote career opportunities and college connections


Made possible by SEF fundraising efforts, individual contributions, private grants, and generous sponsorships from Sierra Pacific Industries, WeyerhaueserDeployed Logix, and SELCO Community Credit Union.

IE Grant Eligibility

  • $250 to $4,000 grants available.
  • One IE application per applicant allowed. Primary applicants may be listed as “additional applicants” on other IE applications.
  • For a full list of allowable and unallowable project expenses, visit this page.

Review Process

Applications will be assessed blindly and reviewed and awarded by the IE Grant Award Review Committee, comprised of the following members:

  • SEF Board Members
  • Community members who are not necessarily educators

Frank Sherman Grants – Get out and learn!

Supports health, physical fitness, and outdoor education activities offered to Springfield students.


To promote and support health, physical fitness, and outdoor education activities and curriculum offered at Springfield Public Schools.


Frank Sherman was an administrator of health, physical education, and athletics for SPS from 1961-1985. After his passing in 2010, his widow, Katy Sherman gave SEF a generous donation of $25,000, creating SEF’s first endowment. The disbursements from this initial investment provide the funding for the Frank Sherman grant.

Frank Sherman Grant Eligibility

  • Up to $1,000 grants available.
  • Funds can be used for development of curriculum, educator training, equipment, supplies, transportation, and/or other resources related to health, physical fitness,
    or outdoor education.
  • Special consideration is given to those applications whose projects utilize Sky Camp. If interested in utilizing Sky Camp with a grant from SEF, please contact Lennie.Mabus@springfield.k12.or.us or 541-726-2222 for information and price quotes regarding Sky Camp facilities rental for schools using grant funds for day use or overnight outdoor school.

Review Process

Applications will be assessed blindly and reviewed and awarded by the Frank Sherman Grant Review Committee, comprised of the following members:

  • Members of the Frank Sherman family
  • Board and district representative selected by the Executive Director and the Sherman family
  • Others as determined by the SEF Board of Directors

S.E.L.F. Grants – Nurturing hearts and minds!

Social Emotional Learning Fund


Funding for educators that wish to implement sustainable Social Emotional Learning opportunities for students attending Springfield Public Schools. We highly encourage—and will place a priority this year—on applications focused on developing positive school culture, school-wide kindness initiatives or developing student leadership.


The SEL Fund was established by a gift from Stan and Cathy Paine, both long-time administrators in the Springfield School District who have a passion for children’s positive social development, physical safety, and emotional well-being in school settings.

S.E.L.F. Grant Eligible Activities

Grants up to $1,000 may be used for:

  • Social Emotional Learning curriculum materials, training, and implementation support
  • Character education programs
  • Positive school culture initiatives
  • Peace education initiatives
  • Asset, strength, or interest development programs
  • Anti-bullying/anti-harassment strategies
  • School mentoring programs
  • Leadership development programs
  • Other SEL activities consistent with the ODE’s framework and standards on Social Emotional Learning

S.E.L.F Grant Ineligible Activities

  • Activities not falling within one of the categories listed above
  • Stand-alone, one-time events (assemblies, speakers, field trips, “fairs”, “(focus) nights” (e.g. “SEL night”, etc.) However, such activities could possibly be part of a larger program of activities for one of the above categories, providing that these activities lead to the implementation of an on-going structure or support of activities that promote strong socio-emotional learning.
  • One-time training without implementation follow-up support and without the expectation of ongoing use of the trained skills by all school staff.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed blindly and awarded by the SELF Grant Review Committee, comprised of the following members:

  • Cathy and Stan Paine
  • Patrick Kennedy, representing the Paine Family Trust
  • Board representative selected by the Executive Director
  • Others as determined by the SEF Board of Directors

Timeline for ALL Grants

  • December 1 –  Application Available
  • April 1 –  Applications due by midnight
  • May –  Recipients notified and funds available
  • May 31, 2025 –  Project evaluations due for projects awarded in the previous spring

Grant Writing Tips – Planning your proposal

  • What problem are you solving?
  • Why is this project important or necessary?
  • Who will benefit from this solution?
  • Who will you partner with?
  • How will you execute your plan?
  • How can you be more sustainable and more efficient?
  • When will your solution happen?
  • What is your timeline?

Application Process

  • Educators may apply for one of each type of grant per cycle.
  • Apply online from December 1 – April 1 using our new application portal.
  • Only online applications will be accepted for SEF Funding requests at this time.
  • New portal will now save your work, so you can begin your application and come back to finish at a later time.
  • Do not include your name or your school’s name unless indicated in the instructions.
  • If there are any identifying names included in the body of your grant, it may be disqualified.
  • Administrator approval is required.
  • Please avoid educational jargon and spell out acronyms – reviewers are not necessarily educators.

Review Process

  • Small and large grants will be reviewed the same way and measured only by the content of the application.
  • Grants are scored by SEF and SPS representatives and community volunteers who may be familiar with you and your school. in an effort to reduce bias, please do not identify yourself, your school, or project partners by name.
  • Your proposal will be reviewed blindly – each application will receive an identifyingnumber referenced throughout review. Applications that include specific employee or school names will not be considered.
  • Each application will receive a cumulative numerical score and those with highest scores will receive funding priority.

Requirements of Grant Proposals

  • Prior to submission, you must receive approval of your project and grant application from your building principal or administrator. If selected, applicants will receive a principal/supervisor approval form that must be completed before funds are released.
  • Shortly after the application period ends, you will receive a “Level 1: Site-Based Grant Internal Application” Form. You must fill out this form and return it to the SPS Grant Accountant within 10 days of receipt.

Responsibilities of Grant Recipients

  • Submit a video and/or pictures of students participating in or talking about your SEF-funded project.
  • Agree to share project information at an SEF event or meeting if requested.
  • Return the required project evaluation by May 31, 2025.
  • Equipment purchased with SEF grant funds is considered the property of Springfield Public Schools. Please notify SEF if you plan to move and take your equipment to another building.
  • Projects and evaluations must be completed before applicants can access funding for another grant in subsequent years.
  • Use the provided funding for the purposes stated in the application materials.
  • Funds must be spent within the 2024-25 academic year. Any remaining funds are to be returned to the Springfield Education Foundation for reallocation. If the program continues, it should be sustainable beyond the initial project funding period.

Please Note

  • Grants are to be used to fund projects that are not provided for in school and district budgets.
  • Objectives and outcomes need to be consistent with school and district mission, goals, or initiatives.
  • When creating your budget, research carefully and be realistic. Example budget available here.

Good luck!

For more information on any of these funding programs, or for assistance with your application, please visit SEFLane.org/grants or call Christina San Filippo at 541-726-3243.

Alternative Funding Sources

“SPARK Grants”

“Project Community Awards”

“Donors Choose”

If you have any questions or concerns, please email
Christina@SpringfieldEducationFoundation.org or call the SEF office 541-726-3243.

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