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2023 Innovative Educator Grant
applications open on March 1, 2023.

Springfield Education Foundation’s Innovative Educator 
Grants are designed to encourage, facilitate and recognize innovative teaching programs in Springfield Public Schools to empower student success. Please read below before applying.

Competitive, one-time grant awards of $250 to $4,000 are available to any Springfield Public School (SPS) employee or SPS charter school employees engaged in efforts to further student excellence. Grants will be awarded to projects that best align with Springfield Education Foundation (SEF) efforts to:

  1. Increase participation
  2. Reach underserved populations
  3. Increase attendance
  4. Improve graduation rates
  5. Promote career opportunities and college connections

Click here to see examples of past Innovative Educator Awards!


Individuals or collaborative Springfield Public Schools, Springfield, Oregon, staff teams involved in the instruction of students or related support services are eligible to apply.


March 1 – Grant applications available

 April 25 – Grant Applications Due by midnight

June – Recipients notified and grant funds available

June 30 – Grant evaluations due for grants awarded in the previous spring


• Please inform your principal/supervisor of this request prior to submission. Note: Applicants will receive principal/supervisor approval form in an email after the grant application is submitted.  
• Late submissions will not be accepted.
• Applications are due by midnight on April 25.
• Grant award announcements will be made in June.
• Please read the Innovative Educator Grant application purpose, process and eligibility before applying.
• Only one Innovative Educator Grant proposal per applicant is allowed.
• The form will not save your work. Write your application in another word processing program and copy/paste when ready to apply.
• Grant funds are to be spent and utilized by the end of the 2023-24 school year. Any remaining funds are to be returned to the Springfield Education Foundation for reallocation.
• Repeat funding requests are allowed and will be considered annually on a case-by-case basis.
• Do not include additional documents (e.g., letters of support, photos).
DO NOT INCLUDE the names of ANY SPS staff, SPS schools, or partnering organizations, or any other identifier in your Narrative or Budget. Identifying information should only be included where explicitly requested within the application.
• Any applications with identifying names may not be considered.
• Well-written grants are encouraged. Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Do not include emojis in your application.
• Keep in mind, the review team members may not be educators. Avoid educational jargon and spell out all acronyms.
• If your grant is selected for funding, be prepared to provide attendance baseline data prior to grant implementation and again at the conclusion of the grant.

Proposal Review

  • Grants are scored by SEF and SPS representatives and community volunteers who may be familiar with you and your school. In an effort to reduce bias, please do not identify yourself, your school or project partners by name. Your proposal will receive an identifying number referenced throughout review. Applications that include specific employee or school names may not be considered.
  • Each application will receive a cumulative numerical score and those with highest scores will receive funding priority.

Responsibilities of Grant Recipients

  • Submit a video of students participating in or talking about your SEF-funded project.
  • Agree to share project information at an SEF event or meeting if requested.
  • Return the required project evaluation by June 30 (end of the project’s school year).
  • Equipment purchased with SEF grant funds is considered the property of Springfield Public Schools. Please notify SEF if you plan to move and take your equipment to another building.
  • Projects and evaluations must be completed before applicants are eligible to receive funding for another grant in subsequent years.

Allowable Grant Expenses

  • Classroom materials, supplies and equipment (major equipment must remain on school grounds. Any equipment purchased through an IE Grant is property of Springfield Public Schools).
  • Technical Equipment*: Peripheral devices used to increase student engagement such as robotics, digital cameras, probeware, heart monitors, 3D printers, etc.
  • Field trips and classroom travel
  • School garden related structures
  • Guest speaker/performer fees and travel
  • Project related food and supplies
  • Educator training
  • Computer software*
  • Online subscriptions
  • Incentives

*Please review the district technology equipment purchasing info site to help build your budget. If there is an item not on this list, please submit a Helpdesk ticket. Tech materials not purchased through the district will not be eligible for servicing through the SPS Technology Department.

Unallowable Grant Expenses

  • Building maintenance or construction costs (other than school garden structures)
  • Laptop/desktop computers* (e.g., Mac, Windows, Chrome OS) and Tablet devices
  • Document camera, DVD drive/player (These are available upon request through Technology Services for non-charter schools; submit a Web Helpdesk ticket stating your need.)
  • Apps for school tablets
  • Basic needs. Contact SEF at 541-726-3243 for other funding sources (e.g., food, clothing, hygiene).
  • Grant requests must be aligned with school district practices, policies, and guidelines.

*Note: SEF grants are meant to enhance bond-funded technology to help increase student engagement. SEF grant funding is not currently available to help educators reach a 1:1 student to computer ratio. Please discuss your hardware needs with your principal/supervisor.


We recommend copying and pasting answers into the form from a word document, as the application does not save your response until you “submit.” 

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Questions? Email: info@springfieldeducationfoundation.org

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