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Write your application in Word or another application as your first step.  When it is complete, cut and paste it into our online application. You can also submit your application in hard copy or Word formats. 

Unfortunately, our online application will NOT allow you to save your document.   These tips apply to both Innovative Educator Grant  and a Cutting Edge Grant applications.

Late applications and those that include school name will NOT be reviewed and disqualified from consideration.

Be sure that you clearly address the following components of the grant:

Statement of Need

  • Describe the area of student achievement you wish to address.
  • Provide any data that supports the need.
  • Please include how this grant addresses district and school initiatives.
  • Keep the statement simple and straightforward.

Description of Proposed Project/Activity

  • Show how the project supports the purpose/need and objective.
  • List steps to be followed in project implementation.
  • Include a simple timeline of when you will conduct each step of the project.
  • Be specific.


  • Limit the number of objectives. We suggest three to five.
  • Imply or state evaluation method in the statement of objectives.
  • Using measurable, numerical data when applicable.


  • Provide compelling reasons why the proposed project/activity is innovative or creative.


  • Relate your evaluation to stated objectives.
  • Indicate how you will measure the success of your objectives. Use data where possible.
  • Use a combination of qualitative and quanitative analyis.


  • Utilize partners and resources from partners when available; for example, PTA/PTO, City of Springfield, Lions Club, TEAM Springfield, Rotary, neighborhoods, parents, non-profit organization, business partner, another school, etc.
  • Explain their roles and their contribution or support to the project.


Please note that the review committee is comprised of non-educators.  Please use terms and descriptions that anyone can grasp.

Well-written grants are encouraged. Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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