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How to write a budget for your SEF Grant

Writing a budget can be tricky, but we have some great examples below from past SEF grant recipients.

Make sure to research each item on your project list to find the estimated cost. If the cost is dependant on a quote, please indicate the source (see “Rebuilding My Music Program”). You may include links to specific items or examples from websites.

Questions? Email Christina@SpringfieldEducationFoundation.org.

Paula Anderson, “Reading Matters”

Douglas Gardens Elementary School, 2022-23

Kindergarten Books $341.96
1st Grade Books $374.63
2nd Grade Books $500.00
3rd Grade Books $500.00
4th Grade Books $698.17
5th Grade Books $161.95
Music Book $14.01
ELD Books $152.28
Total $2,743.00

Ana Gavrilovich, “Rebuilding My Music Program”

Briggs Middle School, 2022-23


(1) New string instruments: 4 new FULL size violins ($169-250 each): reverb.com.


(2) Band instrument repairs: faulty valve for 5 trumpets ($120 each), replacing pads for 6 clarinets ($80-100 each), full clean on 3 horns ($175 each), replace pads on 3 flutes ($120+ each). TOTAL=$2,085 source: my emails exchanged with the previous repairs from this shop.


(3) Restock instrument inventory for BAND-beacockmusic.com: 5 flute cleaning kits ($20 each), 10 gloss care cloths for band instruments ($4.39 each), 10 sax body hanky swabs ($3.99 each), 10 mouthpiece savers/cleaners for clarinet/alto saxophone ($2.89 each), 3 mouthpiece cleanser spray bottles ($3.25 each). Amazon.com: 5 Saxophone reed packs ($19 each), 5 clarinet reed packs ($19 each), 5 tenor sax reed packs ($30 each). TOTAL FOR BAND RESTOCK=$562.45


(4) Restock instrument inventory for ORCHESTRA-beacockmusic.com: 5 Prelude string sets for violin ($16.99 each), 5 prelude string sets for viola ($19.99), 4 single cello G strings ($16.99 each), 4 single cello A strings ($16.99 each), 4 single cello C strings ($16.99 each), 4 single cello D strings ($16.99 each). TOTAL ORCHESTRA RESTOCK=$492.71 RUNNING


Alex Lowe, “Digital Cameras”

Springfield High School, 2022-23


1. Canon EOS Rebel T100 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens Kit

2. $379.00 x 10= $3790

3. Amazon link for camera kits

Andrew Hunt, “Arts & Comics”

Academy of Arts & Academics, 2022-23


Understanding Comics book, class set Amazon – $800

Colored pencils Blick Art Supplies – $350

Drawing pencils Blick art supplies – $80

Erasers Amazon – $30

Printing comics District print shop – $500

Scratchboard and tools – class sets Blick Art Supplies – $200

Drawing Boards – Class set Blick Art Supplies or Jerry’s Home Improvement – $620

Clay tools sets Blick Art Supplies – $50

Drawing Paper Amazon – $50

Total $2,680

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