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You can help earn donations by shopping through Amazon Smile at NO COST to you or SEF!

One easy way to support the Springfield Education Foundation is by making your Amazon.com purchases through Amazon’s Smile program. We receive approximately 0.5% your purchase – and it doesn’t cost you or SEF anything! We allocate income from this to our general fund to invest in successful students. Here’s how:

Amazon App: 

  • Get the Amazon App.
  • Join Amazon Smile (here’s the link).
  • Select SEF as your charity of choice (or enter 97477 to quickly find us).
  • Open the app, find ‘Settings’ then ‘Programs & Features’.
  • Tap on ‘Amazon Smile’ and follow the onscreen instructions.

Web Browser:

  • Go to Smile.Amazon.com
  • Log into your Amazon account.
  • Select SEF as your charity of choice (or enter 97477 to quickly find us).

Here’s how it works:

  • Amazon.com pays us approximately 0.5% on your items. The percentage depends on the products purchased. Some items are not eligible.
  • This does not cost anything – for you or us!
  • Amazon’s privacy policy will not allow them to tell us your name. So, unfortunately, we can not tell you thank you or report back what we have been given.

Please know we appreciate your support! On average, we receive $95 every three months from our collective purchases. Everything helps!

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Supporters through Amazon Smile as of March 2022

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