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The Springfield Education Foundation is a proud supporter of Oregon Battle of the Books.

About 1,500 students from 3rd to 12 grade annually participate in this district-wide literacy project.  Our funds go toward the cost of  books, competition fees,  and other supplies. Teams of students read books outside of class to compete in school, district and regional competitions. This unique literacy program turns reading into a spectator sport and more important is creating lifelong readers.

The Oregon Battle of the Books is a program that aims to encourage and motivate students to read while also promoting academic excellence and teamwork, broadening reading interests, and increasing reading competition.

How it works: A series of 16 books are selected for each division by state tournament organizers. The books are purchased by participating school libraries, usually via grant funds, and made available to students.

In the fall, students form teams of 4, each with its own coach. Students read the books, discuss them, quiz each other on the contents, then compete to correctly answer questions about the books in a quiz show-like format.

Teams will compete for the opportunity to be their school’s representative at the district tournament in the spring. Students in grades 3-5 compete in one tournament, grades 6-8 in another, and grades 9-12 compete at another level.

Check out the Oregon Battle of the Books web page for further information.

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