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Fast Facts

  • 111 applications were received and reviewed totaling over $150,000
  • 18 Innovative Educator Grants and 11 Cutting Edge Grants grants awarded totaling $51,918.92
  • 15 schools
  • 70 educators

2011-12 Innovative/Cutting Edge Educator Grants


The Emperor’s New Clothes, $3,000 Innovative Educator Grant

Dorian Buttacavoli, Music Teacher, with Laural Ross, Tama Rowan, Kristin Woodford, Andria Martin and Jan Dewey
  • Nine elementary schools
  • Subject: Fine Arts, Language Arts
  • Grade Level: 3rd – 5th
  • Impacts: 1,200 students
Allows elementary students to schools to attend Chamber Music Amici’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes at the Wildish Theater this spring. The experience will be enriched with curriculum that integrates multiple performing arts with reading, writing, geography, history, social studies, and story telling. Partners include Chamber Music Amici, Chambers Family Foundation, Oregon Arts Commission Arts Build Communities.

Learn Together Program, $3,000 Innovative Educator Grant

Paul Weill, Curriculum Coordinator
  • District-wide TAG Program
  • Subject: Fine Arts, Language arts, Math, Science, Theater/Drama
  • Grade Levels: K-8
  • Impacts: 250 students and parents
The project joins elementary and middle school TAG students and their parents in after-school activities include engineering, thinking tactics, improvisational theater and forensic science. SPS is the first district in Oregon to offer a Learn Together Program for TAG students and parents.

Computer Technology and Multimedia Projects: The Wetlands and Beyond $2,935, Innovative Educator Grant

Amity Cleary-Evans, English Language Development and Spanish with Carrie Patterson, Johanna Solares
  • Agnes Stewart Middle School
  • Subject: Science, English Language
  • Grade Level: 6th and 7th
  • Impacts: 288 students
Use of laptops to let students create iMovies documenting their research on aquatic invertebrates from local wetlands increasing student abilities to research, summarize, analyze data, and create multimedia projects.

Sensing Science: Inquiry-based Learning and Data Collection, $2,872 Innovative Educator Grant

Bobbi Dano, 7th Grade Teacher, with Charlie Jett, Jean Vanmoorlehem, Michelle Olson, and Dave Smith
  • Briggs Middle School
  • Subject: Math, Science, Health
  • Grade: 6th and 7th
  • Impacts 562 students
Students will use Vernier scientific probes, sensors, and cables to collect data and explore life science, health, and physical education topics to improve student participation, and provide experiences that can be easily retained.

Using Apple iPad Technology to Maximize Special Education Students’ Academic Achievement, $2,994 Innovative Educator Grant

Steve Jones, 7th Grade Special Education teacher with Jeff Congedo, Ellen Clancy, Amy Brooks and Charlie Jett
  • Briggs Middle School
  • Subject: Math, Science
  • Grade Level: 6th and 7th
Utilizes iPads and their math and science applications to maximize concept retention and understanding in which students will create multi-media presentations, work in groups or one-on-one with teachers, and explore innovative technology.

Community College Science Experience, $2,102 Innovative Educator Grant

Bobbi Dano, 7th Grade teacher with Charles Jett, Jill Dickison, Steve Jones, Jean VanMoorlehem
  • Briggs Middle School
  • Subject: Math, Science, Career Education
  • Grade Level: 7
  • Impacts: 196 students
Seventh graders will go to Lane Community College to conduct a health science labs and be given a tour of the campus, preparing them to think about postsecondary opportunities

Using Probes to Analyze Schoolyard Environmental Quality, $953 Innovative Educator Grant

Amy Rowe, Science Teacher
  • Hamlin Middle School
  • Subject: Science
  • Grade: 6th
  • Impacts: 96 students
Using Vernier probes, students will analyze their schoolyard’s water, air, and soil quality. Students will write scientific inquiry papers, teaching them writing and editing skills, planning, and scientific research.

 iRead, iWrite, iAdd, iSucceed, $3,000 Innovative Educator Grant

Cheryl Dixon, teacher with Amy Bernatz, Nancy Anderson
  • Moffitt Elementary
  • Subject: Language arts, math
  • Grade Level: 2
  • Impacts: 54 students impacted
To increase reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension students will record themselves reading with microphones and listen to themselves with iPod Touches.

 On Fire for Reading!, $2,998 Innovative Educator Grant

Julie Moore, 2 nd Grade Teacher with Carrie Poole, Mary Stein
  • Ridgeview Elementary
  • Subject: Language arts, Technology
  • Grade: 2nd
  • Impacts: 82 students annually
Students will use Kindle Fire E-Readers to read stories that are at the correct difficulty level for them, then take Reading Counts quizzes and practice answering comprehension questions.

iNeed, iPad iTalkbetter, $3,000 Innovative Educator Grant

Susan Lanza, Speech Language Specialist, with Ellen Leinbach and Dawn Gossler
  • Riverbend Elementary
  • Subject: Speech Therapy
  • Grade Levels: K – 9
  • Impacts: 150 students
Program will improve IEP students’ speech language disorders with the use of iPads by utilizing interactive lessons.

iThink, iShare, iPad Math Project, $2,342 Innovative Educator Grant

Eva LaMar, 4 th Grade Teacher with Stephanie Lovdokken, Amy Halley and Sara Hoskinson
  • Riverbend Elementary
  • Subject: Math, Technology
  • Grade Level: 3 rd and 4 th
  • Impacts 105 students
Students will use iPads to record, share, and hear mathematical justifications and proofs.

BookTubes, $2,935 Innovative Educator Grant

Karen Babcock, Library Media Specialist with Mike Hansen, Janie Walsh, Diane Chaffee, Laura Madsen, Amy Page, Donna Elickson, Megan Dean andLinda Erickson
  • Ridgeview Elementary and five other schools
  • Subject: Language Arts
  • Grade Level: K-8
  • Impacts all elementary and middle school students
Flip cameras and a new computer will be used to help students create book promotions in the form of short commercials that are put online for the whole district to view and utilize.

Enhanced Learning with Vernier Probeware, $2,856 Innovative Educator Grant

Leslie Watson, Biology and Anatomy/Physiology Teacher with Art Liddle, Jim Tyser
  • Springfield High School
  • Subject: Science
  • Grade Level: 10 through 12
  • Impacts 370 students
The anatomy/physiology labs will use probes making connections between exercise, energy consumption, and healthy living. Students and teachers will be able to monitor the progress concurrently via a website.

Early Reading Intervention, $2,780 Innovative Educator Grant

Shari Furtwangler, Principal with Amber Mitchell, Cheri Westerkamp
  • Thurston Elementary
  • Subject: Language arts
  • Grade Level: K-5
  • Impacts 36 students now and hundreds over time
Use Early Reading Intervention kits to increase kindergarten and first grade students’ reading skills to enable them to read at or above grade level.

Technology in Science, $2,934 Innovative Educator Grant

Brian Watson, 7th Grade Science Teacher with Katie Corwin Stephany Johnson
  • Thurston Middle School
  • Subject: Science
  • Grade Level: 6th and 7th
  • Impacts: 600 students
Uses scientific probes to do hands-on science collecting data with all TMS students who will get immediate feedback. The program integrates technology into science instruction and increases student science achievement.

Going Green, $2,000 Innovative Educator Grant

James Underwood, Teacher Jared Taylor with Frankie Hammond, Matt Labounty
  • Thurston High School
  • Subject: Professional Technical, Science, Social Science
  • Grade Level: k-12
  • Impacts 1500-3000 students
Program will give students real-life skills as they create a more green and eco-friendly campus. Incorporates the collaboration between Peer Group, Leadership/ASB, Students with Special Needs, and the Industrial Arts Program as they work to implement recycling and composting programs, marketing strategies, and creative apparatuses for the composting program. Partners include Bring Recycling, Oregon Green Schools and Sanipac.

BookTubes: Connecting Students to Literature, $2,935 Innovative Educator Grant

Amy Page, Library Media Specialist, with Heidi Pratt and Hayley Orton
  • Walterville Elementary School
  • Subject: Language arts, Library Media
  • Grades: 2 through 5
  • Impacts: 185 students this year and more in the future
Funds computers and equipment which students use to produce, write and record reviews of books that they have read which are posted to “BookTube an internet site where other students can go to learn about books.

Digital Storytelling, $616 Innovative Educator Grant

Amanda Sevites, 4th Grade Teacher
  • Yolanda Elementary
  • Subject: Language arts, Technology
  • Grade Level: 4
  • Impacts: 29 students
Students will use iPad to create a digital story that they will share with the Willamalane Preschool Program children.

2011-2012 Cutting Edge Grants

Mikell Harshbarger
  • Briggs Middle School
  • Subject: Social Science, Language Arts
  • Grade Level: 8
  • Impacts 201 students
Historical fiction and non-fiction books purchased to provide varied learning opportunities for students. The books will match the different levels of achievement, motivation, and abilities among students.

Measurement Matters $475 Cutting Edge Grant

Zach Adler, Math and Science Teacher
  • Briggs Middle School
  • Subject: Math and Science
  • Grade Level: 6 and 7th
  • Impacts 590 student
Thermometers, scale, and other equipment will enable teachers to have smaller groups of students work at measurement stations so students will spend more time participating instead of watching.

Software for Music Computer Lab $500 Cutting Edge Grant

Wayne Strong, Music Teacher
  • Guy Lee Elementary
  • Subject: Music
  • Grade Level: 2 – 5
  • Impacts 240 students
Sibelius, a music composition software, will help create a music computer lab that will enhance music skills and learning integrating technology and music, letting students compose music and share it with peers.

Recess Extravaganza $500 Cutting Edge Grant

Sue Edwards, Instructional EA
  • Guy Lee Elementary
  • Subject: Physical Education
  • Grade Level: k-5
  • Impacts 340 students
Enhance playground equipment with jump ropes, ring-toss, ankle spinners, and more to give students more opportunities to behave positively on the playground.

Project Listening Lab $285 Cutting Edge Grant

Heidi VanBrunt, Teacher
  • Guy Lee Elementary
  • Subject: Math, Music, Professional/Technical
  • Grade Level: K – 5
  • Impacts 357 students
Headphones for the school’s computer lab to allow each student to use their computer with the elimination of distractions, ensuring a more focused environment.

Digital Storage in a Flash! $342 Cutting Edge Grant

Ashley Lavelle, Art Teacher
  • Hamlin Middle School
  • Subject: Art
  • Grade Level: 6th and 7th
  • Impacts 380 students
USB flash drives will help students save their digital photos, iMovies, and mp3s in a timely and efficient manner.

Documenting Mathematics $430 Cutting Edge Grant

Jaime Rae Johnson, 6th Grade Math
  • Thurston Middle School
  • Subject: Math
  • Grade Level: 6
  • Impacts 166 students
Update classroom technology from overhead projector to document camera to create a clear, unobstructed image that can be saved, be put online and printed to give to students.

Document/Microscope Camera $489 Cutting Edge Grant

Don McElroy, Science Teacher
  • Thurston High School
  • Subject: Science
  • Grade Level: 9 – 12
  • Impacts over 500 students
Document camera that will be used to better illuminate specimens, demonstrations, student work, and microscopic images for Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Behavior, and Environmental Studies curriculum.

Multimedia Classroom Enhancement $489 Cutting Edge Grant

Brett Younginger, Science Teacher
  • Thurston High School
  • Subject: Science
  • Grade Level: 9-12
  • Impacts 340 students
Uses document camera to model work from textbooks, demonstrate lab procedures and kinesthetic activities, and view microscopy as a whole class making class time more effective.

Documenting Science! $489 Cutting Edge Grant

Laurie Grote, Science Teacher

  • Thurston High School
  • Subject: Science
  • Grade Level: 9 -12
  • Impacts 400 students per year
Document camera for use in Chemistry and Biology classes provides a way for students to view and share student work, science demonstrations and diagrams, and more.

Early Reading Intervention $500 Cutting Edge Grant

Catherine Wiebe, Special Education
  • Walterville Elementary
  • Subject: Reading
  • Grade Level: K, 1
Impacts 50 students this year and more in the future Grant used to purchase Early Reading Intervention kit for young students struggling with reading and blending sounds to make words.
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