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Two Rivers-Dos Rios Elementary receives 2022-23 Frank Sherman Grant!

Yesterday, the SEF team and the Sherman family were so excited to surprise Sara Burgin, Lindsey Dennis, Autumn Erickson, and the Two Rivers-Dos Ríos Elementary Team with a funded Frank Sherman Grant for health, physical fitness, and outdoor education! Sara and the fifth-grade team will use this $3,000 grant to take 75 fifth-graders on 8 separate field trips to learn about “STEAM in the Spheres”.
“5th graders will spend the year delving deeply into each of the four “spheres” of earth’s systems (hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere) through engaging STEAM activities. Our project will bring learning outside, while also bringing experts to our doors!” – Sara Burgin
Congratulations to TRDR and the 5th grade team! This grant is made possible through an endowment from the Sherman Family. To learn more about Frank Sherman Grants and the other incredible opportunities that SEF offers to Springfield Public Schools students and educators, go to SEFLane.org/Frank-Sherman
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