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In Gail Butler’s special needs class she has students who are unable to communicate. She wanted a tool to help them understand basic language and express their emotions. Gail wrote a grant to buy big LEGO’s that the students could pick up and type into their iPads to learn new words. This has helped them immensely, and eased their frustration.

Paul Weill is an assistant principal at Briggs Middle School. While supervising lunch, he noticed there were students who were always sitting alone, without friends. He targeted these students and asked them one-by-one if they would like to be in his Magic Club. They are now learning magic tricks and have developed friendships with one another.

Leslie Watson, a science teacher at Springfield High School, has started a Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club at Springfield High. She has secured grants to outfit a hospital room in the high school. Her students are graduating as Certified Nursing Assistants, which can help them get jobs right out of high school.

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