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The Springfield Education Foundation board invites you to give a spring-time donation to help engage students in projects that increase their success academically.  

Please consider donating today!

Click here or send your tax-deductible check to         SEF, PO Box 663, Springfield OR 97477.

Your donation helps

  • increasing literacy through programs that motivate children to want to read,
  • providing hands-on learning experiences that increase engagement and test scores, and
  • funding college and career classes like auto shop, medical occupations and journalism.

We’ve seen students lives change! For example, a second grader, shy and reserved, wasn’t motivated to “do school” until the teacher received the funding for a innovative literacy project which helped peaked his interest and allowed hi to choose his own topics. The project funded equipment which he use to record his voice for part of the project in addition to writing which motivated him not only to do the work but his best work.

We know that the best way for student success is through excellent teaching.  Your donation gives teachers tools they need to teach AND encouragement.  A teacher who received a Springfield Education Foundation grant recently said, “It’s made a huge difference in my classroom and my teaching. Not only has the use of the technology inspired my students, it’s inspired me as well. I feel a renewed enthusiasm for teaching due to being able to access tools that meet today’s learners in a more modern and engaging approach to language learning.”


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