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2015-16 Innovative Educator Grants

Total Summary:

24 Grants, 14 Schools

6,618 Students impacted this year

$49,060.86 Total

 The Art of the String Quartet

Jim Olsen, Composition/Instrumental Music Instructor, Academy of Arts and Academics (A3)

Amount: $3,000

Student composers will collaborate with the Delgani String Quartet to create a concert of new works for the ensemble.


Blacksmithing and Metallurgy

Andrew Hunt, Science Teacher, Academy of Arts and Academics (A3)

Amount: $2,000

Students will study the science and art of working with metals using a blacksmithing forge.


Students at Work – Oregon Community Foundation’s Financial Literacy Grant

Jody Tunland, Dream Catcher Educational Assistant, Agnes Stewart Middle School

Amount: $930.00

Our school has a school-wide student run business, which has been in operation for 18 years, and we need to replace aging equipment.


Partnership for a Supportive School Culture

Kate Mather, School Counselor, Agnes Stewart Middle School

Amount: $3,000

This project provides students, parents and staff the tools and resources to strengthen self-esteem, develop healthy support networks, and thrive emotionally and academically with a partnership with Ophelia’s Place.


Chromebooks for Science

Kelli Ngariki, Math & Science Teacher, Briggs Middle School

Amount: $2,998

Students will use Chromebooks in science class to access the proven UO ESCOLAR online next generation science curriculum.


Historical Fiction & American History

Jared Williams, Teacher, Gateways High School

Amount: $559.60

A U.S. History / American Literature class that explores the life of our 16th president through the use of the novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.


Project Pheonix Fridays

Paul Weill, Principal, Gateways High School

Amount: $3,000

Project Phoenix Fridays is a yearlong multi-faceted school-wide effort to develop unique and targeted experiential learning experiences that result in personal and academic success for each and every student.


Sew Ready to Learn!

Shannon Baimbridge, Administrative Secretary, Gateways High School

Amount: $2,998

The Sew Ready to Learn! Project is a unique program designed to engage students, provide real life skills with immediate internship and career opportunities, and meet graduation elective credit requirements.


Using STEM to Learn about Renewable Energy

Holly Ellingson, Science Teacher, Gateways High School

Amount: $2,573

Engineering and design students will use Renewable Energy Science Kits to conduct inquiries and problem-solve to learn which resources are more efficient.


Farm to School Education Program

Jennifer Robinette, 3rd-Grade Teacher, Guy Lee Elementary School

Amount: $1,000

Grant will support the school’s comprehensive Farm to School Program (in conjunction with the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition), including a classroom lesson, farm field trips, food preparation activities in the classroom, and school-wide tasting tables.


Exploring Chinese Art

Angela Brewer, Language Arts/Social Studies teacher, Hamlin Middle School

Amount: $250

Students will tour the Exploring Asia exhibit at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and create Chinese-inspired artwork in the studio.


The After-School String Chamber

Karen Bodeen, Music Teacher, Hamlin Middle School

Amount: $2,000

The after-school String Chamber provides intensive small-group instruction from expert string musicians within the community while also offering vital performing experience.


Mastering Math Facts: At School and At Home

Marisa Silver, Teacher, Maple Elementary School

Amount: $3,000

Grant funds will purchase a site license for Reflex Math, allowing the school to focus on math fact fluency both at school and at home.


Social Skills and Behavior Monitoring Funding Request

Caitlin Andersen, Behavior Specialist, Page Elementary School

Amount: $2,936

Funds will support a new elementary behavior program using iPad Minis and Second Step Social curriculum to implement social skills instruction as well as a school-wide behavior monitoring system to create a more positive school climate.


The Study of Aquaponics in Kindergarten

Treva Thompson, Kindergarten Teacher, Ridgeview Elementary School

Amount: $519

Full-day kindergarten students will examine the ecosystem using Aquaponics kits. This hands-on project will ignite young students curiosity to explore, touch, and analyze plant and animal life.


Writing from the Inside Out

Eva La Mar, 5th-grade teacher, Riverbend Elementary School

Amount: $2,720

Students will use iPad minis to write for and collaborate with community agencies. Writing is shared as online digital projects so families and community can see and celebrate the learning.


Developing Personal Experiences through Literature

Alyssa Dodds, English Teacher, Thurston High School

Amount: $1,800

Students will read Night by Elie Wiesel, then have a video chat with a holocaust survivor and visit a museum.


Enhancing Student Learning: LinguaFolio to Go

Dionne Hasforth, Spanish Teacher, Thurston High School

Amount: $2,793

Students use iPad minis to create an electronic skills portfolio to upload evidence, self-assess and receive feedback, to move toward mastery of the national standards for language acquisition.


Genius Hour in the 2d Grade

Danielle Smith, 2nd Grade Teacher, Two Rivers–Dos Ríos Elementary School

Amount: 2,855.49

Kindergarten students will use iPad minis to foster independent learning through technology.


Growing Greatness in Mathematics: One Fact at a Time

Kate Lode, Special Education Teacher, Two Rivers–Dos Ríos Elementary School

Amount: $2,995

This grant will be used to purchase a site license for the Reflex math fact fluency program. Reflex will be used as a math intervention program for students in grades 2-5. In addition, the site license will give general education teachers access to Reflex in order to support students in their regular math program.


iEngage in Full-Day Kindergarten

Cheryl Dixon, Kindergarten Teacher, Two Rivers–Dos Ríos Elementary School

Amount: $3,000

Kindergarten students will use iPad minis to foster independent learning through technology.


Chromebooks to Enhance English Learning

Sarah Ferren, English Language Development Teacher, Two Rivers-Dos Ríos, Thurston and Ridgeview Elementary Schools

Amount: $1,650

English learners in grades K-5 will use Chromebooks to access a variety of activities that are currently unavailable to them.


Tinker Time/ Design Dilemmas

Katie Stocks, 1st-grade teacher, Walterville Elementary School

Amount: $932

This project develops unique activities such as Ozobot robotics kids that will spur young students’ excitement about engineering and problem-solving, and will foster a fearless open mindedness in our youngest learners.


Rhythmic Development Through World Music

Kristin Woodford, Music Teacher, Yolanda Elementary School

Amount: $483

Funds will purchase Remo drum sets so that students can participate in hand drumming in the tradition of other cultures and learn rhythm through cultural songs.



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