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Let the Learning Begin!

The Springfield Education Foundation’s (SEF) board members and friends had a great time surprising everyone when they were awarded their grants! Students and teachers alike jumped up and down for joy when they saw our “prize patrol” team roam the halls.

SEF  awarded 18 grants, totaling $30,143 that day. The foundation presented grants to teachers from 12 different schools, as well as two district-wide grants. The projects these grants fund  impact over 6,500 students in Springfield Public Schools.

Out of the 18 grants funded 11 were Innovative Educator Grants, which support new and innovative teaching in classrooms. Innovative Educator Grants awards range up to $1,000 per educator and $3,000 per team of three or more educators.

Seven were  Cutting Edge Grants, which fund new classroom resources such as science supplies, technology updates and books. Two music teachers, a high school teacher, one principal, a 4th grade teacher, and two 5th grade teachers were awarded up to $500 for their grants.