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We’re thrilled to announce that the foundation has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Fred Meyer Fund to expand our Innovative Educator Program and help even more classroom teachers inspire student learning. The application was a joint project between the Springfield Education Foundation and the Springfield Public Schools grant department.

Student Scientists!

These funds will match the $25,000 that we had already allotted for the program, bringing the total to $50,000 that the foundation will be able to distribute to teachers this fall and doubling the amount given last year.

The Innovative Educators Grant program provides creative teachers with the equipment, supp

lies and funds they need to further inspire and motive their students.

Many of the grants fund technology like iPads or iPods that have greatly expanded the ways teachers can teach. These types of resources are not typically able to be funded by the district, but have proven to serve a valuable role in helping improve test scores and increase student motivation.

The Fred Meyer Fund has awarded $9 million in grants since 1997. Youth development is one of the critical areas of focus for the fund, and this is the first year that the foundation has received a Fred Meyer grant.

We will be celebrating the grant at the Night of 11,000 Stars event on Oct. 20. Then in November, we’ll be announcing the winners of our Innovative Educator Grants during a surprise bus tour—which is more like a traveling pep rally!

The award is the first major donation for the foundation in the current campaign year. Our goal this year is $225,000, which is 35% over last year’s donations.